Birthday2010-08-29 13:59:05 ET

So I know Sage's b-day is still more then a month away but I am super excited about it. She is getting to the age where its exciting to have a b-day party and I have so many ideas for it.

Sage really likes Cinderella, so I am going to have her party loosley themed for Cinderella. I am going to make my own invitations on "parchment" and roll it up like a scroll and have her hand them out at school. There is this really neat font that I am going to use that has Cinderella on on the capital letters.

For the cake I am going to make a pumkin and have Cinderella peaking around it. Its gonna be so cute. I am also going to have little tiaras and crowns for the party favors, and as a little craft thing to do I am going to get small pumpkins and some glitter and other embelleshments to decorate them with.

I am ready to start decorating for it now. lol
I can't believe that she is going to be 5 already.

want2010-08-28 10:52:05 ET

to take a nap I am so flippin tired.

I miss this man...

Its official2010-08-26 18:20:52 ET

Just bought my ticket for the Muse concert on Oct. 12th in Columbus OH.YAY

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