Alice? From Wonderland?2010-07-22 14:13:31 ET

Cuteness2010-07-20 06:27:13 ET

Last night Umbra curled up in the sleeping bag with DH, and I was able to get some close ups of her. This is my favorite one.

She still has some of her dinner on her face. lol

Baby2010-07-19 06:04:16 ET

I woke up last night to baby Umbra attacking my hand. LOL She kept me up until about 5. I tried to wake Doctor Hexagon, but he doesn't remember me doing that. He fell right back to sleep, so I got to stay up with the baby. It was fun but I am exhausted. Its just like haveing a new born. You are up at all hours of the night. LOL Took some video of her playing but I need to edit out some of the parts where she isn't on screen. She is so super cute.

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