Mayhem 2010 Pics2010-08-03 06:24:27 ET

My friends and I( hidden in the back) with X103's Kimmy(on the left).

Junior Shayla and myself. :P

Smooches for Heather

Junior aka Indestructable Mayhem dude. lol

Rob Zombie


I think thats all I feel like posting, I got some other good ones but these are my best. :D I love concerts.


Mayhem 20102010-08-01 05:56:48 ET

Went yesterday, and it was amazing. Korn and Rob Zombie headlined. I also got to see Lamb of God, 5 Finger Death Punch, 3 Inches of Blood, Chimera, Atreyu, and Shadows Fall. There were others but I didn't actually watch them. I missed Winds of Plague...:( We got there a bit to late. We had lawn seats so I took a lot of pictures of the screen. If you can get past the non smoothness of the screen I got some awesome pictures...the camera man set it up for me and I had to get the right timing. :P I will post pictures later.

Bangs2010-07-26 16:35:54 ET

I cut my hair last night so I have bangs. I go through stages where I have them then I get tired of them grow them out,then get bored and cut them again. This is the I got bored part of the stage.

Also Sage and I played outside for a bit today. I got a couple of cute pics. I'm on some weird color gradient thing to with my editing so thats why they are edited the way they are. :)

Okay this picture is on my MIL Teresa found...its a blast from the past. My hubby and I when we first started dating. We were sophomores. :D

It makes me smile.

I'm bored and lonely. My friend Daniel is coming for a visit, but he doesn't get here until Wed. evening. I have tomorrow off and I don't know what I am going to do with myself. BLAH

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