why i do it
2010-06-20 22:34:22 ET

Music is my life, i know it sounds cliche but i have my reasons for saying so. Industrial music is appealing to me forw the simple reason that my personality is as crazy as the sounds i listen to and create. Its kind of like a dr. Jeckyl mr. Hyde complex in the sence that im a rather introverted and reserved person on the outside. But i deal with heavy issues of insecurity, it seems vain but its troubling. So i look to making music as a positive release of negitive energies. My sound is multi-dimensional, but lyrically my approach of self examination comes off as one sided. You be the judge.

2010-06-20 23:55:29 ET

I applaud you.

2010-06-28 01:51:54 ET

since i somehow missed your first entry, welcome to sk. always great to have musicians on here. i dj at quite a lot of electronic nights in seattle - anywhere i can get ahold of your stuff?

2010-06-28 01:53:34 ET

also that 'ecstasy of sorrow' image strikes me as very early front 242 inspired..i dig it

2010-06-28 15:12:37 ET

Is very much front 242 inspired, i was orinally going with something along the lines of the downward spiral, ive always liked the approach of blending 'physical elements' on a canvas backdrop. That wasnt the case however, i took a picture of the moon and street lights and added a negative effect lo and behold with a slight color change you get the art concept for the xtc of sorrow I.

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