just a thought..
2010-06-28 08:05:01 ET

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it, i would still bitch about the weather.

2010-06-29 01:30:56 ET

where you live again? can't remember if you told me.

2010-06-29 04:49:26 ET


2010-06-29 15:20:53 ET

cool cool...i've never been there or much of anywhere out east - i'll have to visit sometime

2010-06-29 20:15:36 ET

Its not too bad once you get past the damn humidity. Man if your ever in this way definatly gimme a shout. Knoxville is a hapnin city

2010-06-29 20:53:34 ET

cool cool...much of the south kinda terrifies me due to the redneck aspect but i still wanna roam the east coast at some point in the future d-;

2010-07-03 20:55:11 ET

The south truly does fit the stereotype that everyone precieves lol. 10 dishevelled and rusted automobiles in the front yard, budwieser cans on the front porch, over zealous televangilists, pretty much live action squidbillies. Ya dig?

2010-07-04 01:44:47 ET

sounds highly amusing and slightly scary at the same time. lolz

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