2010-07-02 15:10:17 ET

I must say i am rather pleased with the function of this site. True enough you can use space to tell everyone what you had for lunch but as far as networking is concerned, ive accomplished more on this site <thank you turbo, dj 5arah> in three weeks than ive done in five years lol.

2010-07-03 00:40:07 ET

i've been on sk longer than any other 'social' website on the internet. i also used to work for myspace. ha.

i like sk's stripped-down and basic design; i've found ways to integrate it with my larger social networking presences elsewhere as well.

2010-07-03 21:27:46 ET

Ive noticed the buttons in the faq's. Obviously those redirect you to the main sk page. Now thisw may be a rhetorical question, Do you use the sk forums on larger social networks or display the entire function of this site via myspace, facebook, ect..?

2010-07-04 01:07:57 ET

i just do simple things like include myspace/facebook/twitter links with certain entries that i also happen to post or post links to on those websites, since i link to my sk page from those as well.

example - the first comment posted on this entry:

i used to include these links on the entries themselves with my own html from the main page under the 'comment' links but switched to doing it this way since i changed my page's layout.

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