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2010-07-10 14:04:54 ET

In regards to my previous post, i can understand to an extent why artists get so furious about their albums being pirated, but what i dont understand is why it is such a tremendous deal when most album sales are credited to the producers and engineers. Especially when most of the bands profits are made through merch and ticket sales. Perhaps im being to critical.

2010-07-10 15:14:55 ET

i don't understand why artists get so furious about their albums being pirated other than a knee-jerk, not-thought-out, emotional reaction.

our entire system is in need of serious renovation and it's just starting to happen, particularly with copyright alternatives such as creative commons.

art doesn't thrive on a stifled public domain where everything is bought and sold only to those who can afford it; and the same goes for anything and everything in life.

people ought to be allowed to live by their means whether they are the consumer or the producer; and i think this is very well documented in how many artists who release their music for 'pay what you want to pay, even if it's nothing' prices end up making far more money than those who go with the 'pay for this, or else' mentality.

2010-07-13 00:29:27 ET

Agreed, point very well taken. Thank you for that educated prespective.

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