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2012-06-18 06:26:58 ET

I am convinced that I spend way too much time on the internet. I had a dream last night that I got an interview for an IT job of some sort. The cubicles were cardboard boxes, and the supervisor was MiMi from the Drew Carry show. At any rate, in order to be guaranteed the job, I had to take a multiple choice test. Of course with a computer in front of me I begin to put my Google skills to use. I made it through 3 questions successfully (I was ecstatic that I found the answers via the net.) Then...I woke up.

2012-06-18 06:28:32 ET

that's a pretty sweet dream yo

2012-06-18 06:36:26 ET

Lol, I thought so too. Its a shame that when awesome things like this happen to me, I have to wake up.

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