update a bit2006-08-02 11:46:32 ET

I am going to be finish with this quarters classes in about 4 weeks. I also start work on the 10 of aug. Which is the day after my 20th birthday. Exciting! Paul just had his birthday, the big 21! We got ninja fixed and we so may get another cat. Its kinda sucked latly cause nobody ever vists except for my brother. I like it when he comes over I just wish some of my friends would come over too. By the way I have been playing lots of WoW. (loads of fun)

great2006-06-21 16:52:46 ET

The apartment is going great and things are coming together we still have some stuff to unpack but the house isnt a disaster yet. Soon we are getting a couch, I am really excited cause I dont like sitting on the floor.
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update2006-06-12 14:32:54 ET

I moved in on sat. and unpacked alot on sun while I got cable/internet and went to school today. So far so good the apartment is great and maybe I will talk about it later.

so..2006-06-03 16:19:28 ET

one more week until we move. I am going crazy because of boredom. shit happens I guess. Right now Paul is helping one of our friends,Dan, currently move to the south side of town. I cant wait until he comes back because I havent see him for about 8 hours. It sucks and he still doesnt know when he will be back. I get even more bored without him to keep me sane, Ninja does help but its just not the same. Cant wait.

so close yet so far2006-06-01 07:07:00 ET

9 more days and I am out of my old apartment.

Let me just say2006-05-26 16:30:31 ET

Today was awsome

Got a new pair of pants,
Four shirts,
A gift from the 2nd grade teachers I work with,
I got Paid,
Ate great chicken,
and watched over the hedge

Today2006-05-25 12:53:37 ET

Today was the last day at the school I work at. Summer vacation from work, kinda cool I guess. I start there again the day after my birthday. Aug.10 2006

Next week2006-05-21 15:53:09 ET

Mon. math final
Wed. Animation 2 final
Thurs. Last day of work til aug 10th
Fri hopefully movies
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Positive2006-05-20 20:14:59 ET

'I saw two movies: "Thank you for smoking" and "Art School Conf." I thought they were good.','My dad was able to fix one of the windows in my car.','Ninja is no longer upset that I permed my hair.'
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positive2006-05-20 06:38:12 ET

For 051906

' I got my hair done. I got more of my apartment packed. And I hung out with my friend Dan.'

The reason I put down the date is cause I keep forgetting to write what happened on the correct day. lets see if I can fix that.

Positive2006-05-19 10:08:35 ET

For 051806

'I watch a new movie that I really enjoyed'

awsome2006-05-17 20:17:39 ET

When I got home paul asked me if I wanted to go to the bamboo club, awsome. But by the time I got hope I wasnt as hungry as I thought I was so we are going to do that another time. Plus my surprise was here which was Cool World on DVD. He never saw it so he watch it with me very happy about that. He also got me a new video game yesterday Brain Age. I really like it and he is getting into it as well.
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