at school2006-05-17 14:09:31 ET

today is not so bad but knowing that in one week school will be over and I will be taking my finals. I find it a bit stressful. I just hope I do well to pass both of my classes. Paul said that he got me a surprise. I have to admit that I am excited about it and I have no clue what it is. I want to do something today with paul but I am not sure what yet. He wants to take me out to eat but I dont know where I want to go. Maybe we can go to the bamboo club cause we have never been there, then maybe afterwards we could go to the movies or buy and movies or something. I think that just might be a ful-filled day ( what ever, lol)

excited2006-05-15 21:14:12 ET

I am moving a week into the next month and in two week school and work will be over. Work wont start again until aug. so that is kinda cool but school will most likly start in 3 or 4 weeks from now. Paul and I were planing on going to cali but decide to change it to vegas . I am even more excited about it cause I will have some time to find my real father whom I havent seen in about 8 or so years.

Kitty2006-05-14 20:23:33 ET

Paul said that we might be able to get another kitten when we move which will be in about 3 and a half weeks. I am so excited that we are moving and just might be able to make Ninja a big sister.
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My mom2006-05-14 18:02:07 ET

For today I got her some earrings(not like 24kart or anything but colorful like her) She also got a stuffed animal and I made her a pot with flower pens I think it looks great. Then was tried to go to ihop, and a couple of other places so we could have breakfast before seeing RV.

Job..maybe?2006-05-13 18:02:35 ET

Well right now I am watching the Top Model Show .. I like it. I am not a thin or even skinny woman. I am not preppy not not very perky but when I watch some of the girls in the show I really believe that I could do better than some of them. Maybe one day it will be possible for me to try.

should be First2006-05-13 11:14:59 ET

Welcome.I am a college student at Itt-tech and at work I help 2nd grade teachers. I want to get into modeling for a while and adventually own my own nightclub. I am not sure where yet. I got married on 10, 31 2005 very happy. I have a kitten that just turned one. Her name is Ninja. I have 9 sisters (Kayla-Dawn, Samantha, Tierra, Tiffany, Jasmine, plus 4 dead sisters) and 3 brothers (Lee, Jermery, Derek) this does not count the ones my husband has. I grew up mostly on the bad side of town, but I have moved so many times that I guess you could say I grew up almost ( as it feels) every where. I feel I am a great people person and hope to do great in my life as I also want to help other do the same.

Beautiful..friday night.2006-05-13 11:02:36 ET

I wasa so excited that Paul came home early last night. Since that never really happens I showed him that was really happy to see him. Loving him so much, I find it amazing.
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Friday!...again (sigh)2006-05-12 16:45:39 ET

So every friday my husband goes to his role-playing game from about 6pm until 12 or sometimes even later then that. I dont mind him having fun and being with his friends I guess it is just the fact that he is gone all the time (well thats how it feels). I really does suck but nothing I can do about it right? oh well shit happens right.

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