It has been....2007-05-24 06:03:04 ET

It has been a while huh? Well I graduated in March with my AAS. I took a couple more classes and decided to got for my BS in DEGD (Digital Entertainmnet and Game Design). Kinda of exciting I think. Paul got certified as a personal trainer about a week ago. Now he is looking for a job. He does have one lined up but wants to check out a couple more places before he make his choice. I hope he makes it soon though. My brother, Derek, doesnt come over as much as he used to. I made new friends, a guy named Dustin in two of my classes and his wife, Adri, who I have thought was pretty and intertesting but didnt seem to want to be my friend at first. The first time both of them came over to my house though was awsome. Now I like to think we are pretty good friends. Now for this quarter, which is over on Sat afternoon, is kinda hard. In my friday class I got to play video games in class but as a final project we have to do a 12 page paper. Now I was asked to be in a group by Dustin so now our paper needs to be 20 pages total, not too bad because now by ourselves we only have to write 10 pages, yay!? My Saturday class sucks.I am not learning too much, the teacher doesnt explain himself very well and he made me do extra credit beacuse I missed my first class, my problem with that is the fact that I was graduating at the time. Well I need to get back to writing my paper, lol I only have 6 pages. Laterz-

Midterms2006-10-11 13:53:47 ET

Next week are my midterms. oh no!!! Well you know how everyone is about tests. With my capstone though I have to turn in a protype that I dont have but I think I can do it on time. I have no clue how I am going to do in my other class. Wish me luck.

Hopeing, lol!2006-09-21 07:12:16 ET

I am really hoping that I did well on the quiz I just took in economics. It was on chapter 1-4 and I missed two chapters. I guess I will find out next thursday. Also I turned in my proposal yesterday and I was very nervous about that but once again I will find out how I did next week. Wish me luck!
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School2006-09-14 08:57:02 ET

Well Economics is going to be ok I think but may be kind of boring but hopfully I can get through it. My Capstone I am worried about only cause I did miss the first week of school so I am kinda behind but I am hoping to finish my proposal this weekend or so. I hope Paul can really help me!

CapStone2006-09-13 16:01:29 ET

I have a class that we are going to use all the knowledge that we have already learned and the final project can be about anything we want. cool! I have choosen to appeal to investors to invest in me so that I can get a nightclub. Well for the final project we have to look very professional (exciting!) I got a new jacket, shirt, dress pants, belt and a pair of shoes to go. I really like it and it the enitre outfit was less then $200.

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dinner!2006-09-10 19:04:27 ET

I just had an awsome dinner with Dan and Brandy. We had fish, rice, steamed veggies and salad. yay! May not seem that exciting but trust me it is.

Bran and Dandy2006-09-06 18:56:03 ET

Dan and Brandy had a baby boy last night. Yay!!! The baby is 7 weeks earily but looks like the baby should make it through urgent care. Yay again!!! I hope she get to go home soon and that she doesnt have too much pain left. The doctors gave her a C-setion. My mom had a C-section with me. ahh :(

so Mom2006-09-06 18:53:30 ET

I found out that she was missing lots of water and was really dehidrated. To my knowledge she has had 3000 CC's of this water mix that they gave her and 1000 of those CC's she had to drink. I think she is better but my dad asked me to leave when he showed up so Paul and I could go eat or something. It was really nice to see them but not to much of a great way to do it, lol. Well thanks for listening.

mom2006-09-06 06:26:13 ET

so my dad said that my mom is sick and I might have to go to the hospital with her. It makes me sad. When I called my dad back my mom answered and told me that daddy went to the store. I asked her to have him call me when he got back but I still have no call back. well I will try to tell you what happened later.

So close2006-08-20 10:52:38 ET

Finals start on monday and end in one week. Then I start classes again on the 4th of September. If I didnt have Paul to help me with school (especially classes that he doesnt know about) I dont know what I would do.

Oh oh oh2006-08-18 16:08:37 ET

Totally forgot to post that my birthday was on the 9th and I am now 20 years old. Just really exciting for me. Yay!!!

Things are going great2006-08-17 23:18:37 ET

I started work, I have finals soon and should graduate in march time, our apartment is actually coming along well. Plus Paul is there for me in my religon even though we have different religons he supports me in so many way that it is just amazing. Paul is such a great guy. He is helping me with my depression as well and I think it is going great. I now feel depressed once in a while instead of all the time like before.

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