2002-11-05 15:14:17 ET

I want to trim my hair myself but i don't know what to do with it. Hmmmmmm.....??

*so much orange juice!!! must get better.
i've still got some extra cash left from new york.
i've got directions for the club.
all i need to do left is clean out my car
and wait patiently for an email
Then shenanigans in richmond...sushi w/jeni-ph-heere, world cup coffe w/ kim, then off to horrible club 929.

New York is fantastic...
2002-11-03 01:11:56 ET

It's times like this that remind me of how much i want to move out of crappy virginia to beautiful new york city. I've met some wonderful people today. I wish i lived close enough to hang out with them more often (the last time i was in the city was 2 years ago). So many little time. Of course today we saw hocico again for the 3rd time!!! Probably the most intense of their shows but unfortunately not as intimate as the richmond show. I wanted to get pictures but i had tall people in front of me so they wouldn't had turned out anyways. People were extrememly rude and pushy. I got banged in the head i don't know how many times but it was very much well worth it. I stood my ground. I don't take shit from nobody. We had bought a shirt at utopia today that said..."Fuck me. I'm mexican" as a gift for hocico. Erk absolutely LOVED it. <3
In conclusion (as it is 6 am and i extremely tired) hocico was great. I met cool ass people. I got my dance on. I "humped" Erk and banged heads with Rasco while he was giving me a kiss on the cheek goodbye. Philly show will be a must. Even though there is a new Dulce Liquido album coming out, there will be no tour according to Erk. I must get my dosage of hot mexicans before it's too late.

2002-11-01 13:40:53 ET

The 3rd time's the charm. Once again we'll be seeing hocico in NEW YORK!! Can't wait!!!! I wish i was there already.

2002-11-01 12:56:24 ET is pissing me off. I can't access my photos from my online album. It may be awhile before i can get those hocico pictures up. Hrrmmppfff.
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Mmmmm.....Mexicanos!!! Penga Tu Pene en mi pollo!!
2002-11-01 02:13:09 ET

2 Hocico shows down....1 more to go. Can't get enought of them. Just got home from the Dc Spooky show. Hocico was great of course but the rest of the night totally sucked. Seemed like everyone i know had a bad time. Too many people...too many fucking fairy wings all over the damn place. Richmond show was the best. Nice small drama. So on Wednesday, Xtina and I made made the drive down to Richmond to see dear HOcico and it fucking ROCKED THE HOUSE YO!!!! They played every single song I <3<3<3.
I haven't danced like that in forever. No stopping...just dancing. Much eye contact with Erik. yuummm. Afterwards we went to their bus to say hello. OH MY!!!! Since nobody spoke spanish...i was elected the translater of the group. Yay for broken spanish and portuguese mixed together. They are the nicest guys. We talked about their tour, dc, and how hard it is for mexicans to get into the us. many many hugs were exchanged. <3<3<3. In conclusion, i had made a total ass of myself but they were totally cool about it.
TOnight though was just horrible. All of my friends were in a bad mood. Painful shoes, eyes poked by fairy wings, nasty people, and stupid guys. We talked to hocico again for a little bit. Not time for details though. So tired from running around in 5 inch heels pushing my way through mounds of people. I have to take my sister to school now but when i get home, those hocico/haujobb pics are coming up. Soooo excited...road trip on sat for yet another hocico fiasco. "Just can't get enough" -Depeche Mode
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