New attitude
2002-11-27 03:44:28 ET

Thanks to Xtina, aka. Maschinengel for fixing my page. It looks so much better. Thank you.

This song rocks me at the moment.....
2002-11-26 21:06:18 ET

Oliver Lieb feat. Klaus Kinski(vocals)
Song: Jesus Ist Da!

Lyrics (Main Mix):

Jesus Ist Da! Rufen die Gotteslästerer
Jesus Ist Da! Rufen die Staatenlosen
Jesus Ist Da! Rufen die Zigeuner
Jesus Ist Da! Rufen die Revolutionäre, die Assozialen, Arbeitslosen,
Obdachlosen, Verurteilten, Gejagten, Mißhandelten, Verfolgten

Gesucht wird: Jesus Christus
Angeklagt wegen Verführung, anarchistischer Tendenzen,
Verschwörung gegen die Staatsgewalt
Besondere Kennzeichen: Narben an Händen und Füßen
Angeblicher Beruf: Arbeiter
Nationalität: Unbekannt
Decknamen: Menschensohn, Friedensbringer, Licht der Welt, Erlöser

Ich werde von der Polizei gesucht
weil ich in die Welt hinausschreie
daß die bestehende Ordnung untergehen wird
Ich bin nicht der offizielle Kirchen-Jesus
Ich bin nicht euer Superstar
der seine Rolle am Kreuz für euch weiterspielt
und den ihr aufs Maul schlagt, wenn er aus der Rolle fällt
Ich bin der Ungehorsame, der Ruhelose
Ich habe eure ganze Show und eure Rituale satt
Euer Weihrauch ist mir ekelhaft
er stinkt nach verbrannten Menschenfleisch
Ich ertrage eure heiligen Feiern und Feste nicht länger
Ihr könnt soviel beten wie ihr wollt, ich höre nicht hin

Gesucht wird: Jesus Christus
Angeklagt wegen Verführung, anarchistischer Tendenzen,
Verschwörung gegen die Staatsgewalt
Der Gesuchte ist ohne festen Wohnsitz
In seiner Umgebung sind Gottestlästerer, Gammler, Fixer,
Ausgestoßene, zum Tode Verurteilten
Der Gesuchte verbreitet utopide Ideen
und muß als gefährlicher Anführer bezeichnet werden
Ihr werdet vor Trauer schreien, wenn ihr mich getötet habt



Jesus is here! shouts the blaspheme
Jesus is here! shouts the stateless
Jesus is here! shouts the gypsies
Jesus is here! shouts the revolutionizer, the asocials, unemployed,
homeless, condemned, hunted, abused, prosecuted

Wanted: Jesus Christ
To be accused of seduction, anarchic tendencies,
conspiracy against authority
Special markings: scars in hands and feets
Supposed profession: worker
Citizenship: unknown
Aliases: son of mankind, peace bringer, light of world, redeemer

I'm searched by the police
because I scream into the world
that the existing order will go down
I'm not the official church-Jesus
I'm not your superstar
who continues to act his part on the cross
and that you beat on the mouth if he's falling out of the role
I'm the disobedient, the restless
I'm tired of your whole show and rituals
Your olibanum is horrible to me
it stinks of burned human flesh
I can't stand your holy ceremonies and celebrations any longer
You can pray as much as you want, I don't listen

Wanted: Jesus Christ
To be accused of seduction, anarchic tendencies,
conspiracy against authority
The wanted has no permanent residence
In his environment are blasphemes, bums, mainliner [drug consumer],
outcast, fated to die
The wanted spreads utopic ideas
and has to be called a dangerous leader
You will scream for mourning when you have killed me

It's good to be busy..
2002-11-26 13:46:28 ET

Just got an email from manuel in belgium. The pre-trip plans seem to be going along beautifully. Now if only i can get the money to go..hmmmmm......

Otherwise, lots of things to keep me sane for the rest of the week.
*today: going to rock the gym w/xtina. Lots of oontz oontz and step incline machine.
*tomorrow: going to richmond for the Depeche Mode Tribute night/ Rick Danger birthday party. Going to see Jeniphir dj for the first time (should be interesting = P) and hang out with people i haven't seen in months.
*thursday: eat turkey with the family....most likely get into the usual argument we do every year. Take out my aggression on the dance floor at alchemy. Everyone will be there. I'm sooo excited.
*friday: leave for weekend of trouble. I believe we're stopping for QXT's on our way to new york. not sure yet.
*sat: shopping and interfarce in new york. bring on the whales!!!!!
*sun: come home and pass out.

what monday will bring i have no idea....most likely gym shenanigans and more job searching. for now, i'm just trying to survive the rest of this week. : )

2002-11-22 22:53:02 ET

Plans for tomorrow:
*gym in the morning
*round up the troops
*make way to jersey
*eat dinner in little portugal
*pick up stuff for mom and sister (trip to bakery)
*stop by mom's friend's shop to say hello (she used to clothe me when i was just a baby)
*stop by huge portuguese supermarket to see if hot butcher is still employed there (*keeping fingers crossed*)
*off to the life cried and cenobita show
*hanging out with sk people and actually talking (i will not be shy tomorrow) this time

must get some sleep.

A really crappy update:
2002-11-18 13:45:35 ET

So the life of nancy has been quite busy the past couple of weeks. Never really had the time to sit and type about my life. It's been mostly me reading everyone else's and being lazy about my own.

Soon though....there are situations that i'm going over in my head, trying to sort them out. Saturday added some new drama that I don't want to deal with but i can't runaway from anymore.

So i promise to write something when I can think straight. At least it's better than nothing. : )

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