numero uno
2008-02-04 15:48:36 ET

so, yea. first entry. always awkward.. nowhere to begin. should i introduce myself? well i'm becca.

i went to work today and sat infront of a computer for 9 hours.. tell me how jealous you are..go ahead...tell me.

I have to go tomorrow with my soon to be sister-in-law to get my bridesmaids dress which is green...did i mention i look like crap in green? yea, thanks.

i felt as though i'd have more to say in this post but maybe a short but sweet entry is good for first. :)

- becca

2008-02-04 15:52:07 ET

Welcome to sk! :)

2008-02-04 16:00:54 ET


2008-02-04 16:20:24 ET

thank you! anyone wanna tell me how to make my profile cool? i feel like a dweeby with no cool graphics and such haha.

2008-02-04 16:33:38 ET

Glitter text makes everything cool. :D

2008-02-04 16:36:09 ET

Welcome to subk.

2008-02-04 16:38:37 ET

Prove to me this sex kitten-ness :D j/p

Welcome! Get in the van! The water's fine!

Or how's that go?

2008-02-04 16:40:47 ET


IAN, leave her alone.

IAN, I'm watching you...
*eyes you*
you should be ashamed. Her first post and you're already making snide remarks. TISK TISK!

2008-02-04 17:02:47 ET


2008-02-04 18:15:07 ET

I'm not jealous. I ALREADY sit in front of a computer for 9 hours a day.

So I see your pipes are rusty. Need help with that?

2008-02-04 18:26:47 ET

haha it's cool. creepy comments are the best! but thanks for looking out for my noobieness.

2008-02-04 18:27:08 ET

my pipes are rusty.. that part of my house is old..and i was sitting on my washer.. heheh

2008-02-04 19:07:07 ET

Welcome to SK. *Touches you*

2008-02-04 19:08:28 ET

mm gracias! :)

2008-02-04 19:16:16 ET

welcome back to sk-land! nice to see more old schoolers popping back up again. ^_^

2008-02-04 19:18:40 ET

oh, i felt it was a necessary return!

2008-02-04 19:45:24 ET

Way to completely miss my innuendo. :(

2008-02-04 19:47:15 ET

haha sorry...sometimes you have to spell things out for me. L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y :)

2008-02-04 19:51:20 ET

Nice rusty pipes. Wanna fuck?

2008-02-04 19:51:54 ET


2008-02-04 19:55:51 ET

Firstly, I think you look better as a non blond, and secondly, not only is there a half naked female in most of your pics, you have one where you fanned out Star Trek CCG cards, which is far sexier.


2008-02-04 19:56:24 ET


2008-02-04 19:57:13 ET

hahah word. totally feelin the starfleet love! glad you guys like it. i am a dork..and very proud. RAWR

2008-02-04 19:59:22 ET

*Makes entirely inappropriate comment challenging you to a game of strip Magic: The Gathering.*

I really wish more of my real life friends still played M:TG, as opposed to me only really getting to play online now.=(

2008-02-04 20:02:46 ET

i'm down.

i wish my friends weren't lame. period.

2008-02-04 20:03:44 ET

hehe I liked your pix XD

2008-02-04 20:06:13 ET

thanks dollface

2008-02-04 20:06:37 ET

There has to be a comics and cards shop close to you, right?

Do you live in southern CA by any chance? I could prolly list some for you if you're looking for new people to play with.

2008-02-04 20:07:33 ET

*say New Mexico... say New Mexico"

2008-02-04 20:08:14 ET

ugh, i live in Mass. haha. LAME. someone take me in. i cook and clean :)!

2008-02-04 20:14:40 ET

You need to get more friends that embrace their inner dork.

Do you play any other games? Also, I still want to read about how music saved your life. You should post some recipies as well, because I can't really cook at all, am looking to learn how to make at least some basic dishes.

2008-02-04 20:16:55 ET

oh man, i fucking love to cook. i can definitely do that for you in future posts.

music saved my life bc i almost went 6 feet under in HS. I got into drugs and the wrong crowd. to make a long story short, i stopped hanging out with everyone and started really playing drums again, writing music, listening to music, really feeling what music was all about. it was all i did. in school i'd bring an mp3 player and put a hoodie over my head and just listen to music and disect it. it kept my mind on positive things.

2008-02-04 20:24:22 ET

Uhh, I just quit my job, but I'll take ya in ;)


2008-02-04 20:25:21 ET

yay! :) i'll find work. ha

2008-02-04 20:38:26 ET

Late, sort of. But hello, and welcome.

2008-02-05 03:24:55 ET

welcome to sk

2008-02-05 04:05:30 ET

thanks homies :)

2008-02-05 08:57:35 ET

Damn you produkt you stole my Welcome!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Sk

*touches you better*

2008-02-05 09:23:49 ET

thank you sweetheart

2008-02-05 09:27:05 ET


2008-02-05 09:31:48 ET

You'll find SK is like crack except arguably healthier, and you also don't want to feed the inmates.

I have no welcoming shame.

2008-02-05 09:41:49 ET

haha right on

2008-02-05 09:44:24 ET

You have no shame....because I stole it and put it on ebay. Next to my touching skills.

2008-02-05 09:47:22 ET

bah..ebay reference! haha

2008-02-05 09:50:54 ET

Plus, there is no water in the van. Only pixie sticks and gift baskets.

>=O Now take your gift basket of pixie sticks, and save them for yourself.


2008-02-05 09:51:37 ET

Gage, I think you just stole my heart as well. You going to give that away to the highest bidder, too?

2008-02-05 09:58:37 ET

nah I will keep that for myself in my hope chest.

2008-02-05 10:06:58 ET

not even funny, ebay is the black market now! (haha)

2008-02-05 11:20:43 ET

That's how I got my new kidney

2008-02-05 12:21:29 ET

hah..creepy..but probably true! haaahaha

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