get a shoe thrown at me by a mean old man
2009-01-23 07:49:00 ET

HA i just found out something awesome.

i worked at a gas station for a while about a year ago and one night some strung out looking fat bum came in and bought a whopping $5 worth of gas, and came back in whining that it didn't work, trying to con some free gas out of us. my more experienced coworker verbally kicked his ass and told him it wasnt gonna work, apparently he's pulled that shit before, and he left.

she tried to explain to me who he was, apparently he is the brother of some once-famous guitarist and he is now jobless and mooching off the royalties from his dead brother's music.

anyway, back to right now. i was randomly browsing wikipedia when i decided to check out the entry for my city and under the famous people section was TOMMY BOLIN, and a light clicked in my head... holy shit, that's the guy my coworker mentioned! that's the dead dude!

so, i check him out, and he was actually in deep purple for a while. craaazy. i also found out his brother's name, johnny, and googled him and found a picture. SAME DUDE!

so, any fans of johnny bolin, i want you to know, he's a whiny douchebag!

2009-01-23 08:31:24 ET

Did he actually throw a shoe at you?

2009-01-23 09:57:09 ET

You should play "Smoke on the Water" over the stereo he everytime he comes in. And then tell him that you got the song off of limewire and that no, he isn't getting royalties from it.

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