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2009-03-12 17:30:49 ET

ok, so my car is a total pimp mobile/sex machine.

it's a 1988 caprice and looks like this, except tan

i just went to the gas station and got a soda and burrito for dinner, and upon coming home saw this gold SUV parked smack dab on the line, taking up half of each space on either side.

my question to this person, and anyone who does the same or feels the way i do about it, is....WHY?

is my car the only one with a reverse function? what is so urgent inside your apt that you can't take an extra 10 seconds to back up and straighten out? do you not know how? how did you get a license in the first place?

i suppose i would be a lot less frustrated about this if the car was super badass, or something. like, if it were a porsche, i would totally understand. but it's just a run of the mill, mediocre SUV that you see twenty times in any walmart parking lot.

so, i left a passive aggressive note. i generally like to avoid doing this in any situation, especially in my lot because there is a video camera and i don't want to make waves with the management, but i am so, so tired of having to take a shitty parking spot on the opposite side of the lot just because some jackass doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.

i even had to write it on 2 blank pages from my check register, because i forgot my notices. yes, i actually carry them. people who can't park decently drive me absolutely insane.

2009-03-12 20:26:20 ET

it's a sexmobile!!!!

so funny we posted about our cars on the same day

2009-03-13 13:35:20 ET

I hate it when people do this especially when I'm on campus. Its like we all pay a ridiculous amount for parking...why do you park like an asshole so that way you take up two spaces? And then don't get ticketed like campus parking nazis.

Oh and nice car :)

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