Sigh    2003-11-16 16:51:44 ET
i applied at the movies AGAIN!!
and hopefully this time i will get the job

it will suck not having weekends
but oh well in return i will be getting money

i want to spend time with CC
but i never can enough

i guess thats what happnes

im tired
and kinda
but what else is new


ahh that was good
i need to masturbate.......
no i dont

oh well
im off

i must fix a portfolio
for APUS

bye bye..

 yester-night    2003-11-15 06:41:21 ET
fun fun

i spent time with her,
im feeling great

im so comfortable with her
and now i have no worries

i hope it lasts

so much better than before
sarah, i LOVE YOU!!!!!!
and i need to come up soon
penis face


 the night    2003-11-11 15:06:41 ET
its dark
there are no clouds

i drive around alone
but i have my thoughts to keep me company

i drove around
and thought of all the good times

all the bad times
and how beautiful it is

i thought of you dear
and how we are

i thought of her
and how i am

i felt alone
but loved

i know now that you are there
if i need someone

the music helps
and guides me along

im feeling better
now that im gone

i see the lights
and how they shine

i love the life
that is mine

i feel alone
but its ok

because i know
well be there someday

Live for the Love of frineds.


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