2003-10-18 09:46:03 ET

nathan is crazy...
he was joking about female condoms and i said
and thats what our bands working name is now...
according to him

any way
the pratice was fun
we are working on a song already
and this morning i came up with one
on the keyboards

so im very excited now
the set up (for now) is

Me: Guitar, Keyboards (sound effects type stuff), and AV (if we find it)

Nathan: Basoon, Keyboards (more piano chords stuff)

Ashton: Cello and or violin

Casey: Violin

so far its great
i love it
and i cant wait to play the thing i made up this morning
on the keyboard

its very cool

so now.
im happy.

2003-10-18 09:51:18 ET

oh god music is amazing and that feeling you get the one you described is amazing. i know it well too! i'm so happy for you and wow...what a weird band name lol.
your band has a very nice setup

2003-10-18 10:42:38 ET


2003-10-18 10:57:13 ET

eh...envy galore..i wanna be in a band..

2003-10-18 18:34:16 ET

odd: that WILL NOT be the name forever!!!!

LKK: yay!

SS: what do you play??

2003-10-18 18:34:44 ET

hah..i don't and i'm too shy to sing..so..that's the problem.

2003-10-18 18:35:41 ET

ahh, oh well......you should make a band...thats what i did..and it worked....lucky me

2003-10-18 18:36:12 ET

my friends and i always used to talk about it, but i think i was the only one who took it seriously. ::shrugs:: oh well

2003-10-18 18:47:08 ET

you have to act on the thoughts or nothign will be done

2003-10-18 19:18:51 ET

and in my case, that's what usually happens. i dont' have the self-esteem to do anything worth while.

2003-10-19 06:59:12 ET


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