Harr di harr harr, and a bottle of rum.    2005-01-14 02:27:50 ET
Really really slow day at work here, man am I bored. Also they over taxed me on my last paycheck by 1400 NKR (230 USD).... so I dunno if I can afford to go out this weekend, which sucks 'cause all my friends are going out...concert and all.
Well, I still got EverQuest II to play with. Playing a Swashbuckler, and being bored at work made me do.....a quiz, yeah I know....
Became a pirate though :-)

You Are A Pirate!

What Type Of Swashbuckler Are You?
brought to you by Maddog Varuka & Dawg Brown

 Not as expected    2004-12-27 06:01:17 ET
Well, turns out this christmas I got pneumonia and more or less just have to stay in bed for a long time, high fever, coughing and all. It sucks. I tried to eat all the good food my mom cooked for christmas but it tasted nothing since my nose is clogged aswell. The doctor said I had to stay at home for at least 10 days, maybe more. Thank God for Internet and EverQuest II.

 The weekend has landed!    2004-11-19 04:46:04 ET
Friday night, what to do, what to do...... muahahahahahhahahahahahahaaaaaa 8-D

 Still slow    2004-11-17 21:22:18 ET
Slow morning, thanks to Athyra I got something to do. Here's the results :-D
You Are From Jupiter

You are exuberantly curious - and you love to explore newness. Enthusiastic and optimistic, you get a kick out of stimulating intellectual discussions. Foreign cultures and languages fascinate you. You love the outdoors, animals, and freedom. Chances are you tend to exaggerate, so try to keep a lid on that. If you do, you'll continue to be known for your confidence, generosity, and sense of justice.
You are 93% Aquarius

 Slow day    2004-11-17 04:10:57 ET
Yeah, slow day at work. I hate it when I have nothing to do, it feels like I've been here for 12 hours and just sitting watching the PC. I need something to do, now! At least when I get home I can play Half Life 2, yay! :-)

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