2004-06-08 11:20:48 ET

hello im nude... no sorry i mean new. this would be my first journal entry (well because im nuuu...ew) so if it sucks im sorry.

i have a firm belief that when it rains its really angels pissing on the people they hate.

2004-06-08 11:21:44 ET

you're worse than i am...

BUT...nonetheless, welcome to SK


2004-06-08 11:23:24 ET

kiss my ass

2004-06-08 11:23:38 ET

love ya

2004-06-08 11:30:24 ET

*shakes bum on your page in my cute lil orange outfit* welcome....

*keeps dancing and singing*
don't you wanta wanta fant?

2004-06-08 11:43:49 ET

Get out while you can. Only warning you will be given.

2004-06-08 11:46:09 ET

Angels sure do hate alotta people here then.


2004-06-08 11:50:21 ET


"get out while you can" wonder what that could mean

2004-06-08 11:53:58 ET

no i was playing but thanks for the welcome

2004-06-08 11:55:16 ET

Sup man. Welcome to SK

2004-06-08 11:56:27 ET

thanks man

2004-06-08 11:56:56 ET

How goes it?

2004-06-08 11:58:15 ET

pretty good

2004-06-08 11:59:00 ET

Awesome man. Well, I gotta bail. Perhaps I'll see you around here more. Until then, take it easy.

2004-06-08 12:02:11 ET

thanks man see ya later main

2004-06-08 12:03:54 ET

*giggles* main...

2004-06-08 12:09:43 ET

Ahem. Hi there, I'm the person who will kill you if you fuck up with Kandess. Oh yeah, and welcome.

2004-06-08 12:10:51 ET

thanks main nice to know your there and im here but nice to meet you regardless

2004-06-08 12:12:25 ET

I'm sure you won't think so when you get to know me. I'm over-protective of people I'm privelaged to call friends.

2004-06-08 12:13:18 ET

*laughs* Main...he even types redneck. Man pronounced more or less...Mayn


2004-06-08 12:16:53 ET

thats cool main im the same i could name two people i could kill for past fuck ups but i guess i wont name any names

2004-06-08 12:17:51 ET

Welcome Josh. It's about time.

2004-06-08 12:18:33 ET

kandess quit makin fun of me you talk reneck two

2004-06-08 12:19:04 ET

thanks sarah how are ya

2004-06-08 12:22:01 ET

im alright. :)

2004-06-08 12:24:22 ET

coo :)

2004-06-08 12:29:51 ET

WELCOME NEW COMER! hehe i hope you enjoy SK i know i do don't be shy talk to me i don't bite.......hard.

2004-06-08 12:32:53 ET

'ey thanks for the welcome

2004-06-08 12:37:06 ET

yeah no problemo

2004-06-08 12:57:43 ET

rain is just nature's big sloppy french kiss....

warning:sk is more addictive than crack

2004-06-08 12:59:58 ET

thats a cool way of looking at it
so crack as in cocain or ......... ass crack

2004-06-08 13:06:07 ET

I'm late, but welcome none the less

2004-06-08 13:10:21 ET

thanks main

2004-06-08 13:12:42 ET

prepare to throw away all your free time

2004-06-08 13:16:15 ET

what free time i have a girlfriend and im a musician

2004-06-08 13:18:00 ET


2004-06-08 14:22:23 ET

*waves* HI!! and WELCOME!!

2004-06-08 15:38:51 ET

welcome aboard and if rain is angel piss what can I do to anger them?

oh and nude would have been more fun then new

2004-06-08 19:53:32 ET

hmm...yeah im thinking im gonna agree...nude is better than new

2004-06-08 19:54:38 ET

perhaps we should petition him to change it.

2004-06-08 19:55:16 ET

I have ways...

2004-06-08 20:40:57 ET

Now Kandess, dont be making fun of Joshes Accent on here....*snickers* although it is rather funny...i mean um...well shit.
Welcome aboard Joshua San! *grabs joshs Nipple* thats your intiation! muwahah! glad you liked my drawing of you all enought to put in ur gallery too *blushes* hehe

2004-06-08 20:49:40 ET

hey hey, my boyfriend...therefore i reserve the right to make fun of him whenever i wish =) besides, ya know not like he never makes fun of me right?

2004-06-08 20:55:42 ET

right...well hes the reason you have an accent though...told you two to stop switch drool, or ur both gonna be buck toothed rednecks..... *snickers*

2004-06-08 21:06:16 ET

oooh COWBOY you have NOOOOO room to talk...you're already there

2004-06-08 21:12:19 ET

hehe i am not buck toothed! Redneck sure, but not bucktoothed! hehe

2004-06-08 21:13:02 ET

*mumbles* cowboy...

Now....back to that topic of getting Josh nude...

2004-06-08 21:15:01 ET

um....no! Im still scarred by the image of him naked at ur house! I AM A COWBOY! hehe

2004-06-08 21:17:01 ET

'ey 'ey....you like that image you know you do.

2004-06-08 21:24:03 ET

um..lemme think about that.....NO!

2004-06-08 21:25:47 ET

just picture it....

josh....naked....on silk sheets...with a big smile on his face....and those 'come and get me' eyes....Naked

2004-06-08 21:32:47 ET

hello and welcome.
I'm ginger from Kansas

2004-06-08 21:37:18 ET

ack! Josh mayn! put on some clothes! *throws very thick quilt on Josh* eww!

2004-06-08 21:38:05 ET

he cant....because i stole them....

2004-06-08 21:55:26 ET

*grabs a long rope* very well then *leaps on bed, becoming a blurr* there! *points to a robe he has made around josh with the bed sheets and the rope* no more nekkidness!

2004-06-08 21:57:07 ET

brad....i never knew about your bondage fantasies with Josh.

2004-06-08 22:18:37 ET

Oh yes, that is all i long for......NOT! ROBE!!! ITS A ROBE! well...a robe macgyver style at least....well..without the mullet as well...hehe

2004-06-08 22:19:06 ET

brad i love ya and all but thats alittle much main

2004-06-08 22:19:44 ET

ITS A ROBE YOU SICK LIL BASTARD! heheheh *hugs Josh* I love you too Josh..hehe

2004-06-08 22:21:12 ET

oh i missed the robe part and kandess would like to know is it silk with flowers

2004-06-08 22:23:54 ET

ITs red silk...hey wait a minute! she said it was silk sheets, not me!

2004-06-08 22:25:45 ET

yes but in the silk sheets are me and kandess not me and you but ya know.....nevermind

2004-06-08 22:27:49 ET

okay.....*puts on glasses and tries to make sense out of that last post* nope...wasnt my eyes messing up, I just cant understand that sentance...hehe

2004-06-08 22:36:55 ET

brad you kick ass

2004-06-08 22:38:27 ET

Well thank you :D *squints eyes at screen, still trying to make sense of the sentance* man..this is like trying to read Hyroglyphics....*pokes Screen*

2004-06-08 22:44:14 ET

kandess told me to write it main

2004-06-08 22:47:23 ET

well tell her to stop that shit *squints* making my brain fry. hehe

2004-06-08 22:53:24 ET

i knew what you mean i practiclly live with her...........lol

2004-06-08 22:57:17 ET

*massages Temples* now i gotta get rid of a headache bc of her! *throws a Mellon at Kandess* hope you happy...hehe.

2004-06-08 23:01:23 ET

she cant feel it mayn shes asleep on the couch her backs been hurting her

2004-06-08 23:07:09 ET

ah..... i see.....*throws lots of mellons at Kandess* bet she will feel all of those! hehe jk Is she gonna be okay?

2004-06-08 23:20:42 ET

yeah i say she just needs some sleep

2004-06-09 06:26:20 ET

a little late but better late than never....WELCOME TO SK!

2004-06-09 07:26:55 ET

hehe, look Sandy....this is Josh, ya know...the guy you've heard much about =)

2004-06-09 07:50:29 ET

thank you for the welcome sandy

kandess what did you say about me

2004-06-09 10:35:35 ET

stuff =)

2004-06-09 13:38:36 ET

what kinda stuff

2004-06-09 14:19:59 ET

stuff like...I Love You

2004-06-09 14:35:48 ET

i bet:)

2004-06-09 14:46:51 ET

everyone who listens to me talk...will tell you the same

2004-06-09 14:58:09 ET

i'm sure they will

2004-06-09 18:35:23 ET

they will damnit...

2004-06-09 18:35:33 ET

sheesh =)

2004-06-10 06:29:13 ET

awwww *shakes josh's hand* veeery nice to meet you monsieur pumpkin!!! *bows* hahaha! <3 sandy

2004-06-10 07:09:20 ET

Dude, you've been found by THE ms. sandy.

You'll learn to love her, she's awesome.

2004-06-10 07:11:03 ET

hahahahahahahahahhaha! silly silly goose! :P

2004-06-10 09:57:01 ET

well its an honor to meet you

2004-06-10 10:19:49 ET

Sandys a lot of fun....just watch out for her glitter atttacks

2004-06-10 10:25:38 ET

tis true, ms. sandy is the greatest!

2004-06-10 11:16:20 ET

glitter attacks that sounds dangerous

2004-06-11 10:33:51 ET

*cries* you guys are the greatest EVERRRRR!! *ginormous hugs for everyone* hehehe *skips around josh and kandi cane * hey josh *looks at you and throws glitter in your face* you have been loved yet again! hahahahahahah! <3 sandy

2004-06-11 13:07:20 ET

kandess warned me about the glitter attacks :)

2004-06-11 20:42:01 ET

hehe *ducks to avoid any stray glitter* hehe

2004-06-11 20:59:17 ET

(grabs brad and throw in to debries

2004-06-11 21:09:44 ET


2004-06-11 21:13:09 ET

yes go now be glittered

2004-06-11 21:16:42 ET

*dusts off glitter* blast you Josh *runs and gets a super soaker full of glitter gel* you gonna get it now boy! *pumps gun a few times and then fires at Josh, soaking him with glitter gel* MUWAHH!

2004-06-11 21:21:32 ET

ok thats how you wanna do it (josh goes and gets cannon) you'll pay i will rule the glitter world

2004-06-11 21:23:18 ET

eek! *retreats into his garage, return in his mech suit, holding a large arm cannon full of glitter with a large hose running back to a large holding tank on its back* Who rules the world of glitter BOY!? HEHE

2004-06-11 21:25:28 ET

*Stand on the sidelines*....boys....*shakes head* they never learn

and i dont think i'll ever live down that kandi cane thing either...*glares at Josh*

2004-06-11 21:46:32 ET

*flashes a glance of truce at Josh, turns his mech and fires a large glob of glitter gel at Kandess* muwhah!

2004-06-11 22:05:29 ET

*evil stare*....

2004-06-11 22:10:46 ET

muwhah! my mech is not affected by such stares! *fires another glob, hittin Kandess in the chest* and i see that your chest armor has abosrbed the blow without any damage to you....wait...THOSE ARE YOUR BOOBS!!! WOO! *fires another glob just to see Kandess's boobs absorb the projectile* hehehe

2004-06-11 22:13:22 ET

*Growls and chases* you'll die...you will

2004-06-11 22:28:06 ET

chases? im in a 20 ft tall mech..and ur chasing me? *weird lil image of Kandess running laps around his mech, circling its feet* righttttttt

2004-06-11 22:35:22 ET

you shush...

2004-06-11 22:54:15 ET

hehe *sticks out mechs foot, so Kandess trips and falls while running circles around his mech* hehe

2004-06-12 04:45:35 ET

*sits on the sidelines neatly eating a sandwich* wow....dinner and a show! thanks guys *raises glass of whiskey and cheers* slante!!!

2004-06-12 21:05:16 ET

*glares* glitter...and being tripped no fair...

2004-06-18 20:22:04 ET

*snickers* hehe

2004-06-22 12:07:20 ET

*welcome humps you under the golden showers*

2004-06-22 17:44:30 ET

...oh man, the golden showers, now THAT is a welcome

2004-06-22 22:07:22 ET

Damn Fiend...even i didnt get the Golden Showers...hehe

2004-06-23 13:11:13 ET

golden showers

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