i just feel......like nothing.....    2004-06-07 17:03:47 ET
i dunno i just feel as if i am this numb body of nothing..it sucks. i hate it. im so alone in this world of nothing and i have nothing to offer anyone or anything. i am just a waste of space. and thats all im going to be. i miss my best friend, shes gone away, and she will never be back as much as she says shes gonna be shes not. and she says shes gonna stay with me. but i no its not tru. i miss everything about my past and i wish i could go back but i no i will never be able to. but thats tha past and i cannot change whats already been done. i dont regret anything that i have done in my life but i wish i could atleast change what i have done.

i have nothing.
i am nothing.
im always going to be nothing.
i am a numb body.
dying day by day.
end it all.

 im sick...:(    2004-05-28 09:37:54 ET
im sick.it sucks, went 2 tha hopsickle, got meds and while i was at cvs i painted all my nailes diff. colors they r pretty...but now im gonna go back 2 bed......Zzzzzzzzz.....

 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz..........    2004-05-25 10:07:46 ET
fagbasdfhag wfliayfgt awerfgaoiuwyroweiruaodhfaklsjfhalkwtrgf bvqiuwtyvbquiytbv oqireytahfelgaueryt;awhre DAMN IM EFFIN' BORED~!!!!!!!!!!!!

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