lsafjdl;hjrewgf;a sdgf    2004-05-22 12:09:56 ET

 clean......    2004-05-18 15:27:03 ET
took a shower.
feel clean.
gonna watch sum tv.
prolly go 2 bed soon.
loves u guys.....

 i was sittin in class,,..and it was the stragest thing was said 2 me......    2004-05-14 11:00:30 ET
like i was sitting in class,and jj my friend said the weirdest thing 2 me...he said if i cut off my pee pee i would wanna have super magical powers,and i said ok? and i was like jj why would u wanna do something like that....u wouldnt wanna have sex with katie ne more....he said no.i was like ok....and then i asked him again why would u wanna cut off ur pee pee and he said 2 me i would just wanna fly...and i said fly? he said yeah if i could fly all i would do is cut it off....the boy is weird any way....and i ask my self why am i still friends with these ppl.

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