so yeah.......    2004-05-01 15:04:40 ET
been a long day......i just feel like just yeah......

 so much to do,so little time....    2004-04-30 12:04:17 ET
Im so bored....i wish i could do something....nothing 2 do...nothing really 2 say....but i felt as if i should say something.....i got a new car this past tuesday....its a 2001 toyota corolla,automatic player...tinted windows,i love it....ive been driving it around allllll week. but any tired....i need 2 feel out........

 people are such hypocrics...    2004-04-26 04:29:35 ET
GOD! i hate so many ppl now-a-days.they are so stupid. i mean i just dont understand why ppl have 2 lie and makes lies about them selfs 2 make them look good. i hate ppl like that i just dont no why ppl cant be them selfs and act normal! i mean come on. i have friends that lie allll tha time and i always find them telling me lies and i always find out.

There are some ppl in life who lie every day and they cant even tell if they are lying. i mean it starts out as a lil white lie, and then gets bigger and bigger and they cant stop lying....why lie....its all nothing but bull shit any way so wtf?

Now the reason i say some ppl are hypocrics is because they like say things and then say something totally differnt and i dont understand why ppl do that! it makes me so EFFIN mad!god....

But on a lighter note,im getting a new car...and im talking 2 this really nice guy...hes 25 hes hot he ACTUALLY had a car and he can and hes so sweet....

He is one of those types of ppl who like actually make u think and he makes me feel like a real person and not like a little child. i mean his words are so powerful and they have so much meaning and he listens to what i have 2 say,like tha other night he said that i was the teacher and he was the student and he just wanted 2 know about me,study me and understand me, and just made me feel all fuzzy inside..i mean ive never had a guy say that and he actually mean it.

Chris is just a really smart and very well educated person and i know if we do end up dating that he will be really good 4 me,and i tha same way 4 him. i miss him. =:)

even tho we have been like talking 4 like a week and a half,he already said hes got it bad 4 me and im like whoa. hehe i think i 2 do....ive just never felt like this and im oh so happy...well ta ta 4 now kiddys....loves ya guys! hope all u have a great week!=:)

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