2004-04-09 13:27:43 ET

 meow.......    2004-04-07 12:23:34 ET
So yeah,another day gone bye....whatta ya gonna do? nothing. Its really nice outside 2 day,shame its been all icky tha past week or so,and its gonna be icky this weekend,or for so tha news ppls tell me,but they cant make u their damn minds when it comes to the weather ne way.so yeah.

Shay's all mad at me and such,i dunno why,i really want here to come and see me,but she dosnt have a job,and no money,so she cant,but i dunno ne more,

Schools being dumb,after softball practice,play practice,i have NO time 2 to do anything ne more except come home,eat,and take a shower. thats all. and ppl are just like why u doing so many things with school now,and im just like cuz i wanna damn it,i never do anything and then when ppl ask me why dont u go do something,im just like wtf? ya no? ppl around here are so Effin dumb,its not funny,well yes it is.i dunno anymore,fark it.

i had like 4 ppl 2 day ask me if i could cut and do their hair for prom,and i was like yeah i charge,and they were like ok. so ill b makin sum money i guess.i just cant wait till i get my own place,*hair salon that is* but yes it should b fun,and all but i dunno.

Its like i have so many things i wanna do with my life,i really cant decide.i wanna do hair,and tattoo,and pierce ppl and do all that stuff,but i cannot make up my mind damn it! what am i supposed 2 do? im good at all of those things,but i just need 2 pick one,maybe and stick with it.i dunno ne more,well imma get off here.....homeworks is calling me*AHH!* loves u guys bye bye........ <(^.^)>...<(^.^<)...<(^.^)>...(>^.^)>...<(^.^)>.....(=^.^=)....MEOW! *this just comes to show you how much time i have on my hands,and i have alot of time*

 its like why even try???.....    2004-03-31 14:00:36 ET
Well....ive come 2 the conclusion,i really dont know who i am anymore. Ive tryed 2 find my "inner self" but it seems asif i cannot find it.So yeah. Any ways....ive had a long week,so far i mean even tho its only what wendsday,feels like friday so i dunno. so yeah....imma get off here....try 2 do something meaningfull....maybe...bye bye

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