people,i hate them....    2004-03-04 13:44:38 ET
i cant understand why people gotta lie 2 me. its nothing but a bunch of bull shit. i have no friends,i cant trust any one. i need help. what am i gonna do? the ones i hold close to me betray me. and they always turn their backs on me. i need some one in my life to where i no i can always count on them. what am i gonna do. i just dont understand.

 Its all i could do...    2004-03-03 15:06:48 ET
Ive come to the conclusion,Life isnt what its all cracked up to be. Ive tryed so hard to be someone im not.that didnt work. Ive tryed to act like my self.That didnt go over well as i thought it would do. But i figure it this way. When i find my ture self, and being, then i will know.

Im so alone in this world. i express my self in my art,and in my writings,but i feel as it isnt enought. Ive learned this much, I dont need self pitty,and i dont need it from others. it get me no where. but i will live. i suppose. imma hop off here for u guys....:-) bye bye.
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 Stake! its whats for dinner.......Yuuuumy!    2004-03-02 11:56:59 ET
So yes. Another exciting day in the life of me. Nothing happend really, got up had coffee and waffles, went to school,*nothing happend there really,but nothing happends there any way* came home, ran for a bit, and now imma bout to have stake for dinner..Yummmmmmmy! my mommys such a good cook! i love it! And it so nice out side we can even grill out, so that makes it all the more better. So yes, well ima bout to hop off here! loves all you guys lots and lots! :-)

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