Animals,arent they cute!    2004-03-28 14:19:32 ET
So another weekend,long spent and tiring,my feet hurt sooo much! Me and my family went to the National Zoo in Washington DC. It was fun. It rained most of the morning,and when we got on the Metro,i was like scared,*never been on one* So yeah.. I saw all tha animals,pandas,jizzraffs,and all kinds of other animals. so yes. it was fun.

well guys and dollz,imma hop off here....i shall talk 2 u guys later.....loves ya!!=:)

 Pepsi    2004-03-21 15:00:47 ET
blah....ive done nothing all weekend. Im so bored. i went 2 a friends house,chilled there,and such. so yeah. God i wish some 1 would just save me, and such....i just have really nothing 2 say, ive also have major writers block. it suck soo much, its like i just cant come up with anything any more, and my art has been pretty shity.really sucks ass. i dont no anymore, i just need 2 get away have have some time all to my self. BUT thats never gonna happen.

Every time i try 2 have some "alone" time 2 my self, work on my writings, or my art, my cell fone always rings, ppl always come over, and even when i tell them not to, they still do. god....i cannot wait till the summer, and im never gonna b here. thank god. so out,the Simpsons are on....yay! loves u guys....and yes im well aware that my entry has nothing 2 do with Pepsi....Oh well,just sounded the time it did.

 i havent been here in a while.....weird isnt it?....    2004-03-15 12:56:12 ET
SO........i havent written a journal entry in a while, been busy wif school and such. I really havent had the chance to do anything really. I was at the store the other day,I just got payed, so I wanted 2 go shoppin. I bought this movie, "House Of The Dead"......OMG it was sooooo stupid. What ever u do, DO not go rent it, and DO not go buy it. I have 2 go shopping 4 a prom dress soon. My prom is in May....mmmmm cant wait:) SENIOR PROM! its sooo much better than my junior prom. heheh so yesh.... BUT anyways...i got lots of shit 2 do.....ill talk 2 u guys later! loves ya!

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