gee golly becky.....    2004-04-18 12:55:58 ET
yeah........its all kinds of nice out side and i should b out there,but im not....i spent the day with my mom yesterday,it was ufn i suppose....but yeah..imma go 4 now,i dont have alot 2 say 4 now.maybe in the middle of the week i will...bye guys i loves u all!

 blah..    2004-04-11 09:17:13 ET
just another day........

 I miss tha good ol' days.....and happy easter!    2004-04-10 11:41:51 ET
So yeah,i watched ren and stempy over the weekend,havent seen that in like 100 years...funny as shyt:). TV Land is so great! you should watch it sumtimes,Bewitched is great,i love that showe,used 2 watch it back in tha day,I miss the old Tv showes, Fragle rock,Muppet babys, Salute your shorts,The Smurfs,Rainbow Bright,alllllllll of those shows,and ALF! i love alf.....hes great.

SO yeah...much fun... as always, Easter is tommorow,im gonna dye easter eggs,i tell you what,no matter how old you get,ur never to old 2 dye easter eggs.hehe well kiddys imma go 4 now...loves ya!=:)

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