Sometimes there just arent any words....    2004-02-29 17:33:31 ET
I really really hate people that lie. I just wish they would all die. I have use for people like that in my life. I figure it this way,If your gonna stoop that low into lying to me, then there is no use for u. I dont lie to other so why do it to me? I just wish there were some DECENT people in this world.

I just need to get away from it all. Thats what I did this past weekend, But it wasnt enough. I cant keep on living like this. I need help.

 cartoons,damn have they gotten dirty!    2004-02-28 18:49:44 ET
Well,I just finished watching this fuckin weird ass cartoon with my cousins, this was one of those funky ones kind of like pokemon, but like 100 times worse, dont get me wrong it was funny as shit but omg! all u saw for like 10 mins is this gurls boobs, and I was like dude! wtf is this and my cuz was like chill and watch, very very dirty. but it was funny so then again i cant really complain to much. so yeah its wutever.

 I found something 2 do!Yay!    2004-02-28 08:40:28 ET
Well I did it. I found something to do, I stayed the night with my gurly Deanna,and her sister Heather, we got sooooo farked up, so yeah that makes up for a really shitty week. so in the end it all even out. im glad about that.

I came home this morning and I got 2 go some where, Im gonna go some where,prolly the mall, out for dinner then maybe to the movies. im sure ill have fun, bit the most IMPORTANT thing is, IM NOT AT HOME! Is it normal to develope cabin fever? I mean im sure as hell I have it cuz I hate being in the house! well imma head outta here....loves you guys :-)

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