Don't-think-of-him    2004-01-11 16:51:37 ET
upper lip
Mental-anger easily,supossed"doormat",shy,loud,supperfical,worrier,procrastinater,obbsesive(in head),over thinker

I think there is something wrong w/me. Frank asked me if I put myself down B/C I want compliments. I don't. I don't put myself down infront of ppl I want compliments from. Because one time my friend said that she did that to see what guys thought about her, and thought/think that is scary. Also I might tell them something about myself that they didn't notice B4 and they would start thinking it. But anyway Frank said "I think you are beautiful and I think it is really sad that you can't see your self that way." And it made me sad B/C he was telling the truth, I don't want ppl to see me as a sad person.

What can I say. I like him so much. I just want to hang out with him. Or see him. Or talk to him. anything. I think he might be being an asshole but with his personality and the situation you never can tell. I wish was the type that cryed over this stuff,but I'm just not. Mabey that means I really don't care that much. But then, why would I be thinking about it?

Wow this is my longest entry.

 Don't mug your self    2004-01-10 16:55:24 ET
You know that song?
I feel like that every day w/ Josh.
I am starting to wonder if he is worth the hassle.

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