RACHEL(words to sex dance here)    2004-01-12 16:22:52 ET
I am horny. But only for *JOSH*. Usally when I get this way I just listen to sexually explict lyrics. But my freands have all my SEXrap. Its depressing. I want him. I wish I could stop obssessing.

My mother doesn't approve of him b/c he is iggnoring me. It might be in my. It might just feel that way cuz I want his full attention. Mabey these are just the things I am telling myself to prevent heartbreak.

OK I do talk about hot guys alot but he is the only one that I have actually thought of this much.Its not fun.

thats all
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 Hmmmmmm    2004-01-11 17:06:27 ET
Raise your hand if you know a Marine

Both if you know 2-4.

Raise the roof if you know 5 or more.

Sing if you are one.


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