Father    2004-03-20 10:00:23 ET
So my phone use is getting restricted for the weekend. My father is the one who has decided this. Here are the reasons that it is ok for him to punish me:
1) He is my father.
Now here are the reasons that it is not ok for him to punish me:
1)He degrates me constantly
2)He never listens or talks to me
3)He takes my money and spends it on my self
4)He spends none of his income on me
5)He is never home
6)He treats his horses better than me/my brother
7)he spends more on himself on week than he has on me or my brother in a year.

Sometimes I think that I have lost my respect for my father.

My mother says it is my fault that I get treated like crap by my father becuase I treat him like crap. But he started the circle and I am tired of being the nice one. All my efforts have been in vain. I don't see how it is ok for him to punish me for me treating him how he treats me. Becuase for the first 17yrs and 3mths of my life I have treated my father with nothing but kindness respect and forgiveness. And nowthat I have slipped once he feels that it is a lisence to act like an asshole 24/7.

I never talk to my mother liek that. Becuase she treats me liek a human.Thats all I ask.

Is that 2much?

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 RACHEL(words to sex dance here)    2004-01-12 16:22:52 ET
I am horny. But only for *JOSH*. Usally when I get this way I just listen to sexually explict lyrics. But my freands have all my SEXrap. Its depressing. I want him. I wish I could stop obssessing.

My mother doesn't approve of him b/c he is iggnoring me. It might be in my. It might just feel that way cuz I want his full attention. Mabey these are just the things I am telling myself to prevent heartbreak.

OK I do talk about hot guys alot but he is the only one that I have actually thought of this much.Its not fun.

thats all

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