alive and not well
2003-07-27 15:08:10 ET

last night was weird. i went to shay's "fair-well" dinner, and then me and a couple of friends had a sleep over at my office and watch surfing movies/ fucked up scotish movies all night. we got up at 7:00 am, and i think they still mad at me for that :}
i think i got a bad case of "the weather syndrom". you know, like when its winter, you want it to be summer already, and when its summer you just wish it was winter again... and on and on and on. only that i got it for people. when i'm around people i wish i was alone, and when i alone i crave company... so much.
i just wanna get the hell outta here.

=np: NIN - ruiner=

2003-07-27 15:15:38 ET

Wow. You post even less than me.
Gear up, old chap!

2003-07-27 15:15:52 ET

Oh, errr, I dodn't mean to say "old".

2003-07-27 15:35:16 ET

that's o.k.
i guess life is worthless once you passed 16.

2003-07-27 15:36:48 ET

i think winter can just die

but thats just me

2003-07-28 00:38:58 ET

16-18 was definately the peak. It's been a downhill since then.

Still, I get what your saying.

You'll be out of here soon enough.

2003-07-28 01:17:08 ET

not as soon as you...

2003-07-28 01:23:20 ET

Yeah, I'm so fucking excited/nervous/thrilled/scared.

2003-07-28 01:35:41 ET

how about plain "happy"?

2003-07-28 02:22:02 ET

not quite, not yet.

I'm gonna miss everybody n stuff. *sniff*

2003-07-28 11:57:31 ET

life is not worthless after 16 but you never post...that's very true.

2003-07-28 15:33:37 ET

i never post because my life is a BORE.
i wanted to spell "life is worthless after 16" outta smokes leftovers once, but i was too lazy.

2003-07-28 23:56:01 ET

..They only want you when you're seventeen
when you're twenty-one
you're no fun

2003-07-29 00:09:36 ET

you see?
and ladytron are optimistic.

2003-07-29 00:34:32 ET

Hey, Murphy was an optimist.

2003-07-29 09:20:34 ET

So was Saddam Hussein.

2003-07-29 20:15:21 ET

<random fanfare>

2003-07-29 23:27:05 ET


not quite as funny.

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