"sydney and it's dark embrace" pt. 1
2004-07-07 02:52:47 ET

back here in sydney, australia, after a few days of partying in wellington. got here, got myself a cellphone, a bank account and a haircut. tomorrow i'm moving into this totaly weird drug-lair excuse for apartment and i'll start looking for a job... oh... the ruotine begins here :)

wish me luck you all, and hope i wont loose my brain inhaling all those fumes!

2004-07-07 03:15:17 ET

Are you moving to Australia? Or....was that the plan all along?

2004-07-07 09:00:41 ET

good luck, my friend!

2004-07-11 19:29:25 ET

lars: thanks mate! ;)
lila: i'm not moving, just gathering some more travel-money...

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