welcome to airley, bitch!
2005-02-07 16:48:50 ET

hmmm... back in airley beach, where i might stay for awhile to work on a boat as a deck boi. wish me luck you all! (and may the booze fall on me from the sky)

2005-02-07 19:10:51 ET

good luck

and well, just so long as the booze doesnt fall still in the bottle and hit you on the head resulting in some sort of head trauma.

2005-02-08 03:18:09 ET

'deck boi'?


2005-02-08 07:21:06 ET

HA! Deck boy? Fo reals? You should start writing novels after this trip. Many of the great writers were deck boys.

2005-02-08 11:35:12 ET

aka a male hooker

2005-02-11 15:29:23 ET

lars: already happened (funny story actually. resulted in tiny bump on my forehead for a couple of days while in melbourne)

and... hmmm... all the novel writing and bending over will have to wait i guess. no luck. no job. no will to live :(
i cant belive the fuckers allowed lil' details like the lack of a proper work permit stand between me and endless golden sunsets... :(

2005-02-12 16:08:28 ET


the suckiness of the modern world

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