waiting, on a sunday afternoon.
2003-02-02 05:53:44 ET

friday night i went on a little road trip with my friends idan and alex. after a 3 hours drive with a weired mix of EBM, emo music and death metal in the background, we stopped for breakfast in odem woods. there's this hugh hole in the ground there with trees all in it. kewl.
then we drove up to mt. hermon for some snowboarding.
now this was my first time. i did some skying before but i never snowboarded. so the first few rides was fun... till i had this nasty fall. slammed my back down and got my legs tweested 180 degrees. fuck it. it still hurts.
so on our way back we were so tired, we stopped by lake kineret to crash for an hour or so. when i woke up idan told me about the space-crash. i made some smart-ass jokes 'till i realized he was serious. damn.
so here i am, all drugged up on painkillers. i should study but im too lazy.

= STP - interstate love song =
= T.A.T.U - how soon is now =
= concord dawn - take me away =

2003-02-02 07:15:41 ET

hey, i told you about the spacecrash...
i'll get ya some alglozin tomorrow

2003-02-04 15:42:12 ET

hmmm well i hope you stop hurting soon...doesnt sound zesty

people keep trying to convince me to try snowboarding...still havent...

2003-02-05 08:18:12 ET

well, it's like skating and skiing...NOT

2003-02-05 10:16:49 ET

its more like surfing and skiing actually.

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