2003-02-05 14:20:15 ET

thats what you get when you try to dense two weeks worth of homework into one day. so around 6 pm i got all bored and went to the gym. that was boring too. so i had to go shopping to get myself all happy again. damn it, i'm such a girl!!! i bet its all that astrogen in the tofu i eat.
oh what the hell.

yhea... i'm manly and stuff.

anyway i bought 3 DVD's on a special offer for only 20$.
-no man's land
-this cute israeli movie
and some analog entertaiment (books you morons)."lonesome traveller", and i finally got my own copy of "fear and loathing". and some Dr. seuss. i just LOVE Dr. seuss.

*and the avril levign cd. hey! its a present to my kid sister!!!*

= tricky - she makes me wanna die =

2003-02-05 14:31:29 ET

for some reason i'm sure you talked her into getting her the cd , isn't that so.

2003-02-05 15:34:41 ET


2003-02-05 23:07:04 ET

Its Dr. Suess's 50th Anniversery this month. Its not my fault I know this...I work in a bookstore.

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