febuary is a great month to buy elephants
2003-02-09 04:01:05 ET

another weekend.

its 15:45 and i'm feeling kindda blue. its that early afternoon sadness i get so often this days. i guess its the light. its all dim and grey. thats why i love summer. theres daylight even at 19:30. oh well, it'll pass when i'll leave the house.

went out to eat with a few friends last night. we had to wait for 30 min (!!!) outside 'till we got our table. so in the meantime we disscussed the many bright sides of our pathetic, unimployed lives.
so inside i met this guy that i know from the army. for my surprise,it was actually kindda nice. made me think over that entire "well, if we hav'nt kept in touch, there must be a good reason" moto.
i really have to get out of here. only for a few days. maybe the UK. or holland. i really need a little change of scenery.

2003-02-09 05:24:12 ET

I'm all for the change of scenery. And get a job, you bum.
Before I got one, me n' my friends were clinging on to the 'released soldier' thing as long as we could, until we realized, that this beggar guy in the street we saw, was, in fact higher up on the social scale than us 'cuz he's got a job'.
I got a job the next week.
So uhm, yeah, basically it's you, then the worms. ;-)

2003-02-09 07:51:05 ET

hey, i GOT a job!

its just kindda slow this days.

starting next month i'll be bearly breathing.

2003-02-09 08:15:45 ET



So what's up with the Elephants?

2003-02-09 08:51:30 ET

I dig what you're saying about needing a change of scenery. I'm going MAD here in chicago, I tell ye.

2003-02-09 09:40:24 ET


2003-02-09 09:43:38 ET

lila- i just looked at a stack of old photo's i took while i was in the UK... now im sure i'm gonna go somewhere. hopefully in a month or so.

shay- dont you know that book?

"teachers will never tell you...

that you can see other people dreams
that every angel is born from nine big mothers
that you can sell money to ducks
that hair can speak like all the others;

that if you hug an ugly lady she turns beutiful
that some people stand on other people feet (so it looks)
that your ass can talk
that up in heaven there are no books;

that you can sew dragon teeth in the ground
that babys come from the waves and carried by ants
that they hang any man who's neck fits the rope
that febuary is a good month to buy elephants..."

(poorly translated from hebrew)

2003-02-09 09:56:53 ET

It sounds awfully familiar.

2003-02-09 10:01:17 ET

its like, that old children book.

my comp is under my bookshelves, so i always get inspired:)

2003-02-09 10:03:04 ET

o... k.

2003-02-09 10:10:11 ET

"mommy!!! all the children are scared of me and none of them want to play with me!"

2003-02-09 10:18:05 ET

*re-enacts trauma in head*

oh, god.

2003-02-09 11:20:13 ET

i say you come to the treffen!
and the mission!
and sleeping in tents!

2003-02-09 11:23:54 ET

i need to leave.

2003-02-09 11:28:00 ET

at this very moment?

2003-02-09 12:24:11 ET

<takes the subliminal hint, heads over to wal-mart with zombie-like look in eyes, asks everyone i can find there "do you have any elephants? i need elephants!">

2003-02-09 15:16:39 ET

lol. jobs make functional people. der...

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