glowing in sunlight
2003-03-09 15:55:36 ET

so i woke up this afternoon with a hugh headach after a night of bad movies on cables. made some phone calls.
1. i realized i had to work today and i've got 6 hours to be there
2. im working at every single fuckin' day this week, including saturday.
3. my rival-bosses count has risen from 2 to 3; my mom was kidding the other day about hiring me an agent to co-ordinate all my workplaces. i bet the IRS is thrilled.

talked abit with noa (i'm sorry you didnt pass that test hone... you'll kick their ass next time!) and then left for work only to be late again.
strangest thing... i was like a freakin' zombie the entire evening, but when it came to packing stuff and pushing crates around and loading stuff on the truck i became a little happy slave. i just like doing that stuff alot more then i like serving tables. i like lifting stuff :} is that strange?

anyway, 3:00 AM again, and i gotta wake up in the morning... damn. i just cant seem to get my usual 14 hours sleep a day any more.
=np: L'ame imortelle - epitaph , followed by bob mould - new #1=

2003-03-09 17:13:09 ET

i like lifting/moving stuff too sometimes....better than sitting around doing nothing

and hmm...14 hours???

2003-03-09 22:34:53 ET

i slept 12 hours today, like a ninja. yeahhh

2003-03-09 22:42:02 ET

you can sleep while fucking?

thats impressive.

2003-03-09 22:45:13 ET

here, i changed it ;)

2003-03-09 22:48:32 ET you dont really sleep while having sexual intercourse? its all a LIE!?!?

<tear> think you know a person...

2003-03-09 22:52:10 ET


(i just don't think itay would appreciate it)

2003-03-09 22:54:33 ET

hey, you brought it up!!


miss kinky sleepy sex ninja person.

2003-03-09 22:56:07 ET

there's a movie called "ninja at day, horny at night"

2003-03-09 22:56:46 ET

...its your biography, aint it?



2003-03-09 23:35:42 ET

sleep is god

2003-03-09 23:41:46 ET

it can be

i find it to be somewhat overrated at times, though

but that might just be me

2003-03-09 23:51:19 ET

i learned the value of sleep when i was having none of it.
and yhea lifting and moving stuff is kewl.
i like loading trucks the most.

2003-03-10 00:17:43 ET

i wouldnt mind a job that involved doing that...give me some more excersize too

2003-03-10 00:37:17 ET

and a few spinal cracks:)

2003-03-10 00:49:49 ET

hehe, oh yes

2003-03-10 05:22:27 ET

Noa: Are you serious? "Ninja at day-Horney at night?" Hahahaha! What country is it from?

Itay: I like doing really repiticious wrok sometimes too; it makes work feel much easier.

2003-03-10 05:23:26 ET

i don't actually know....

2003-03-10 05:26:32 ET

Damn, it sounds like the best movie ever. I love translated titles from one country to the next; they are so rad.

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