2003-03-12 14:42:44 ET

so while noa and shay were having they're olive binge, i was at work, smiling and wishing for death by piano-fall accident.
lovely stuff that happened tonight:
-i spilled a coke on this guy, only to find out later that he stuffed 5$ into my pocket 2 minutes before i did it. i feel awful now...
-i blew off a candle and dropped it, spilling hot wax all ovr myself. i'm gonna take it off now;along with a large portion of my body hair i guess.

i really wanted to write about me and noa VS. travel agent storry, but i'm sooooooo tired i type wrong letters all the time and i'm starting too lose my string-o-thought.

hey maybe noa can do it...;)

2003-03-12 22:21:34 ET

just because you asked it!
go to my page later :D

2003-03-12 23:14:11 ET

wee and stuff

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