surfs up....
2003-03-28 06:57:04 ET

i really dunno why but when i woke up now, an hour or so after my "sinister black metal guy" friend went home, i found out he has flooded my hard disc with "beach boys" mp3. bah. oh well.

i've been having those really lucid dreams the last 24 hours... they're almost... cinematic. with camera shots and angles, and a real storyline. i can swear that in one part i even heared a pre-recorded audience laugh.
going back to sleep makes me both scared and curios now.

2003-03-28 06:58:51 ET

Maybe you're destined to direct a movie!
That "sinister black metal guy" sounds pretty cool.
And HEY, where are the Amsterdam stories?!?

2003-03-28 09:32:32 ET

i dont think so... i lack the ability to express whats in my mind into words and real work. but those dreams were mega-cool though :)
the black metal dude is my best friend.our male-bonding activities mainly includes going to each other house and falling asleep after 20 minuetes or so.

and the biggest story about amsterdam is that i can hardly remember what was going on. i guess that's good. right?

2003-03-28 09:59:41 ET

hmm..hey i dig the beach boys...but whats a "sinister black metal guy" doing listening to them?

2003-03-29 02:14:57 ET

'cause he's cool.

2003-03-29 02:24:13 ET

Are we talking about the one who can't drive :P?

2003-03-29 02:24:41 ET


i swear, all or most metalheads have to be some of the biggest closet pop-rock fans...

i don't even remember how many hardcore metalheads i know that are, for example, huge weezer fans

its fun

2003-03-29 02:26:00 ET

oh yeah, and lucid dream are sort of fun...i've been having those since we got that, actually since we got there till now

2003-03-29 02:33:45 ET

hey! he can drive!!!!!
he does it kindda weird... with MY car... almost hitting every sidewalk... cutting through traffic circles... running red lights... ammm... but he drives!

2003-03-29 02:35:34 ET

metalheads are funny. thats why i like them.

*going to listen to atom and his package-me and my black metal friends*

2003-03-29 06:53:28 ET

he can't drive, i saw my life flashing thru my eyes...damn i can't wait to pass that driving test.

black metalhead are generally idiots.

2003-04-01 17:25:15 ET

you've been watching too many of those new ערוץ 3 sitcoms, man.

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