heat wave
2003-04-02 16:05:18 ET

is it possible to get intoxicated on the weather?
so this year's first heat wave started today, and its suppose to last 'till friday. i know its pretty dumb, but it made me more happy then anyone can understand. this certain weather fix my mind into this differant mode, kindda dreamy, kindda nostalgic. its the hot night, and the light breeze, and the sweet heavy smell of the orange trees flowers flooding the air. its the memories of long walks in orange plantations that are no longer there, ditching highschool to go swimming,going on roadtrips with no certain destination.
'till summer come, and melt down everything.

ears: type o negative-summer breeze

2003-04-02 22:36:19 ET

oh bloody hell, I feel like crying.

2003-04-03 01:04:55 ET

yeah, really. ^_^

I know what you talking about, this weather got into walkman-evening-walks....yeah...Hey...this means i can go rollerblading again!!! w00t! come with me to da yarkon sometime :D

2003-04-03 01:48:06 ET

thats interesting

cause im listening to this

"it's overcast and lovely still
the apple trees on distant hills
are dripping maple, winter white
with hope I search on moonless nights
sing me sweet sweet songs of springtime

and say where there's apples made of gold
and I'll surely believe
say where I'll never become old
and I'll surely believe

you said these hours would come and go
like harvest at the noonday
the apple blossoms and Christmas snow
represent our futures
sing me sweet sweet songs of springtime

rosewood, the secret scents of childhood
the backyard to the fabled tales of love
sing me sweet sweet songs, and say where...."

but anyway

2003-04-03 01:57:00 ET

ah.... i guess i got a little mooshy there.
lars... that great. who wrote it?

2003-04-03 01:59:33 ET

It's the spring. turns everyone to mooshy monsters. i'm even listening to coldplay now

2003-04-03 01:59:50 ET

the greatest synthpop/electronica group of all time (in my oppinion) - joy electric

they use nothing but analogue synths...been around for quite awhile...ive seen them live afew times as well...downright amazing and pure genius

2003-04-03 02:06:40 ET

i'll check them.

2003-04-03 02:24:12 ET


2003-04-03 02:24:27 ET

and also - you can get their newest single off of http://mp3.com/joye

2003-04-04 11:20:33 ET

I totally dig what you are saying about walking around outside when the mood is just right: the right temperature, breeze, smell, sound, everything. I never get that feeling here in chicago; I've had it maybe a handful of times in thelast 3 1/2 years here. Growing up in California, I had it all the time. I suppose I just need to return to the enviornment that suits me best, and that will come soon enough :)

2003-04-07 08:54:28 ET

I totally comply

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