things that make you wanna
2003-04-10 10:38:03 ET

put on your bunny suit and scream:

1996-playing gabriel knight 1 on my OLDDDDDD comp. loads of fun untill the game crashes on DAY 5.

2003-playing gabriel knight 1 on my NEW and FAST comp. loads of fun untill the game crashes on DAY 5.

so, whats today's lesson, kiddies?
a)i'm way too bored.
b)the computer-games godess failed me once more... i am forever doomed.

=ears: the gathering - El'enore=

2003-04-11 00:16:50 ET

Gabriel knight does not work on new comps for some reason. i tried to play it on my on comp some months ago but it didn't work. however, gabriel knight 2 WORKS :) and it's a kickass game. so play this instead.


2003-04-11 10:01:59 ET

you haven't been sacrificing enough goats to the gods.
They are displeased with you.

2003-04-11 15:55:52 ET

what about mules?

2003-04-12 03:52:02 ET

i dont like goats.
do you think a hamster will do?

2003-04-12 04:27:37 ET

..How bout a sandwich?

2003-04-12 05:16:49 ET

hamster sandwich?
i'm a vegan!!!
but i'll go for a soye-hamster-replacement sandwich...

2003-04-12 12:59:29 ET

and ill barbecue the hamster for myself :-D

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