2003-04-18 03:01:13 ET

hmmm.... well. better get my lazy ass to update this page of mine.
well, the psychometric madness is a thing of the past now. i took the test on monday and now i float aimlessly in the void that is my life. again. (wow! i better write that shit down!). in addition, my work places are going into their annual one month vacation before the summer madness so... i got alot of time in my hands. so i guess i'll catch up on my reading, maybe pick up guitar again, and useless stuff like that.
but first: D'n'B party tonight-gonna dance my ass off (kittie, you're going down!!!)
and on sunday- a little feild trip.

ears: fear factory-remanufacture

2003-04-18 03:04:44 ET

huzzah for updating and such!

2003-04-18 03:11:32 ET

lol!! thanks lars.
i was on a "get up and do something" mood.
sadly, this update is the only thing that got out of that mood:)

2003-04-18 03:19:42 ET

well...at least you dont have a psycho former sidekick acting posessed and taking over your page...

2003-04-18 03:24:25 ET

i say nuke him...


2003-04-18 03:28:28 ET

i may just end up having to...but i mean...how can this be? he's DUDEMAN!!


2003-04-18 03:32:47 ET

lars... its really hard for me to say that to you... but the dudeman fell off the wagon. he's been drinking yoohoos again.

2003-04-18 03:33:33 ET

<look of horror>

oh my gosh....nooo!!!!!!

2003-04-18 06:40:16 ET

seems like im gonna join your little dance competition today if you know what i mean ;)

2003-04-18 06:44:12 ET

*static* *static*
"... this is red duck calling for pink bunny;
red duck to pink bunny....
the alligator has landed,
i repeat; the alligator has landed, over...."
*static* *static*

2003-04-18 06:45:53 ET

pink bunny calling for red duck
over and out.

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