Walking To Work
2003-08-19 18:14:53 ET

Wednesday's Comic: Walking To Work
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Blackout Pictures!
2003-08-16 08:42:06 ET


2003-08-15 21:51:45 ET

My neighborhood was among the last to get electricity, finally being restored at about 9PM on Friday.

I really like what happened to the city when the power went out. No one panicked, no one looted. Instead, everyone threw a big fucking party.

In Tomkins Square Park, there were drum circles and bonfires, and we partied on into the darkness of the night.

You're Boring
2003-08-04 00:26:39 ET

Most people are fairly boring. Yet in the various subcultures (with a 'c', I'm not commenting on this place), being unboring is highly coveted and is rewarded with increased social status.

So that leads to, what is referred to in the Hip-Hop world, as fronting.

People are so desperate to portray a non-boring outward perception they'll go to great lengths to do so.

I knew this girl who loved all the edgy and indie writers. She went out of her way to make references to various literature. She wasn't a poseur, persay, as she was familiar with all these works, but she was desperate to make sure people knew she was.

She also fancied herself a writer. Her work wasn't all that great, but more importantly, she really didn't have anything to write about. She sat in her apartment all day and smoked pot. Great writers often write what they know. Bukowski wrote all his sordid tales from his life's experiences. Kind of boring to read about a girl in smokey apartment talking lots of smack, but not doing much about it.

There's nothing wrong with being boring. The real crime is perpetrating like you aren't. When they try to perpetrate, it reaks of desperation.

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2003-07-31 12:56:20 ET

Wow, I haven't written in here in a while. Oh well. I'm very busy, and it's rather insane. I just finished a small geek project: The MRTG for Load Balancers online configuration database.

I may branch this out to include OIDs/Objects and references for all networked devices, and not just load balancers and SSL Accelerators.

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