2003-11-13 09:18:15 ET

I'm traveling a lot latley. I need a travel hoochie. Right now I'm in Seattle, and I've been here almost 2 weeks and I've got one more week to go, although last weekend I flew back to NYC to spend a whopping two days home. It's the sexy unix jet-set lifestyle.

I like Seattle a lot so far. Of the West Coast cities I've been to until now, I've not liked any of them.

2003-11-05 22:07:46 ET

I'm in Seattle right now, on bidness, and generally living the Sexy Unix Lifestyle[tm] (it's true, such a lifestyle exists. I wouldn't believe it either) and it appears I've discovered a new "technique" (all physical) for invoking self love. After all these years, I'd thought I'd done it all...

2003-10-23 19:23:33 ET

Some guys are fucking stupid about porn...

2003-10-20 13:12:03 ET

Well I'm on the front page of Slashdot right now for my Solaris x86 versus Linux smackdown. As typical with the comments section, I've been both accused of "having a boner for Solaris" and being a "biased Linux zealot". Interesting how I can be both at the same time :)

SPARC versus Intel/AMD
2003-10-13 18:00:36 ET

SPARC versus x86

I just finished this, and now I've got some editing to do.
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