UnixWare 7.1.3 Review
2003-12-15 14:09:37 ET

UnixWare 7.1.3 Review

SCO is a very controversial company of late, as they seem to be attempting to hijack the free operating system Linux (and it looks like they're going after the BSDs too) and have sent companies letters saying they owed them $799 for each CPU that runs Linux. They claim some code from their copyrighted Unix got put into Linux, but they've been slow to show proof. In fact, the proof they have shown turned out to be phoney.

But they do have their own operating systems (actually, two of them), UnixWare and OpenServer. This should be a fun review.

Tony's Condom Guide
2003-11-30 03:07:55 ET

Always consult a physician before starting any recreational sex regimen

To me, this seems only natural. If there are two things I'm afraid of, it's STDs and babies, which I sort of count as another form of an STD (a life-long one, at that).

So here, for your benefit and mine, is my guide to condom use.

If she's not on the pill, use a spermicidal latex condom. While nothing is 100% effective, this is as damn near effective as you can possibly get without masturbating 40 feet from each other.

If she is on the pill, a regular latex condom would suffice. Spermicide is pretty stinky, and I try to avoid it if I can. Some women are allergic to it (in some cases the allergy may seem like a latex allergy, but it's really an allergy to spermicide).

Another handy bit is the spermicidal strips. They're small one-inch squares of a translucent fruit-roll up type film that inserted into the vagina a bit before sex. They're not as stinky as spermicidal condoms, and they're supposedly very effective.

If she's allergic to latex, a couple of companies now make non-latex polyurathane condoms. They don't have the proven track record of latex condoms, but they're supposed to be just as effective for pregnancy and diseases. They feel quite a bit different than latex condoms, as they aren't elastic. They're also more expensive than regular latex condoms, but you know what's more expensive? Diseases. Also, babies.

And finally, when using a condom, it's a good idea to not orgasm inside a condom while inside the girl. This is a good idea for a number of reasons. The condom could have broken, which would be bad. Also, there are a lot more fun places to ejacul8 your ejacul@ (clever play on pronunciations) than inside of a stinky old condom, if you know what I mean (and I think that you do).

Mmm... Thai Food
2003-11-19 21:29:41 ET

I just had plenty of thai food. Mmm. Eating in Seattle is easy. I just walked into a random burrito joint and they had "vegan" on the menu. Didn't have to explain what it was and ask for ingredients. Nice and convienent.

I still need a travel hoochie.
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Still In The S E A
2003-11-18 23:09:57 ET

I'm still in Seattle, flying back on Friday. It'll be frickin' nice to be in my own bed, having been gone for 2 weeks. Fuckin' A!

Computer! Emergency Clothes Beam-Off!
2003-11-17 20:12:24 ET

Computer! Emergency Clothes Beam-Off!

I think sex will be really fun in the future, and I don't think Star Trek does enough to explore the avenues of how sex will be hella fun via 23rd century technology.

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