The Politics of Booty
2003-05-26 20:40:09 ET

Today's comic is: The Politics of Booty.

There's a delicate political situation that even the most intense communist/socialist/anarchist won't even talk about: The Politics of Booty.

The politics of who gets to get it on with whom is still purely a free-market, capitalistic, rat race where the good looking, rich, and famous get all the spoils, leaving the rest to survive on the scraps. There are booty haves, and booty have-nots. This is true for the most ardent communist.

I'm not sure what the solution is, I can only do my part to be the have, and not the have-not.
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Page Generation Engine
2003-05-23 11:29:10 ET

The page generation, while seemingly simple, was fairly complicated to implement, simply because I had to take into account all the possibilities. It's going to be the page index engine behind Urbana, which is my own BME/SK-style site I'm building.

But I wrote the code so it's modular, and can therefore fit in just about any type of site where page generation and offsets are used with MySQL or other index-style functions. So I just installed it in Cyberbooty's archive section.

I also did a number of other tweaks to cyberbooty, including the render engine, which allowed me to do pretty much the same thing with only half the code.

I never really thought of myself as a programmer; it used to come as something very difficult to me. However, for some reasons lately it's really clicked and now seems quite simple and intuitive.

Geek out with my wang out
2003-05-22 10:21:34 ET

So I've finished the page index engine, which is quite a bit more complicated than it seems.

The page index engine displays the text at the bottom of a bme-type page, such as "Diary Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 -- 101 (next)", with all the appropriate links.

It takes the number of entires, divides it by the entries-per page, and plugs into the gallery/journal/whatever engine as a function call. It has to be generated dynamically, based upon what page you're currently on.

The complicated part stems from taking into account all the possibilites. What if there're less than 7 total pages, what if the start page is less than 3, how do you decide where the middle is in a non-even number of possible pages, making sure there is a first page and last page, and a previous and next button.

The math is kind of complex, and I'm sure I missed a few ways to make it easier. Nonetheless, it's still somewhat involved.

$i = 0;
        while ($i < 3) {<BR>
            if ($postOptions <= $options) {<BR>
                echo "[a hrof=testpage.php?page=$postOptions>$postOptions[/a]";
            if ($i != 2 && $options >= ($postOptions ) ) {
                echo ":";

There's a snippet. Here's the demonstration page. The test case is with 40 possible pages.

An Effective Cure for the Hiccups
2003-05-21 20:02:17 ET

An Effective Cure for the Hiccups.

I know this'll probably alienate my right-wing fans, but that's ok. They're prudes anyway.

2003-05-19 15:15:58 ET


She fought the vibrator, and the vibrator kicked her ass.

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