Sex In My Nose
2003-05-05 19:19:51 ET

Sex In My Nose.

Spring is here, and plants are having sex in my nose. You knew, of course, that pollen is plant-semen.
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Urbana Work
2003-05-05 09:58:33 ET

I'm spending some free time today working on the image library routines for the Urbana Project (the BME/subk system).
   else if (preg_match("/png/i",$userfile_name)) {
        echo "$userfile_name is a PNG file 

"; $imageinfo = getimagesize($userfile); $x = $imageinfo[0]; $y = $imageinfo[1]; } else if (preg_match("/gif/i",$userfile_name)) { echo "Oh shit, it's a GIF!

"; //$image = imageCreateFromGIF($userfile); //copy($userfile, "$userfile.gif"); $imageinfo = getimagesize($userfile); $x = $imageinfo[0]; $y = $imageinfo[1]; //system("/usr/local/bin/convert /tmp/$userfile.png"); }

I've managed to initially work around some of the limitations of GD (specifically, it doesn't write GIF files, although now it allows me to do read-only work with them). I asked M0xie how he handeled it, and he said he used ImageMagick and recommended standardizing on a single back-end format. I just might do that.
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Give The Gift That Gives....
2003-04-30 02:22:26 ET

Note: Not a good idea for Mother's Day....

Gift That Gives.

2003-04-28 16:06:49 ET

I just got off the phone with my father, looks like I'll be going with him and my sister to visit my brother in France in June.

I'm still waiting for cherries to arrive at the fruit vendors.

Spring Time
2003-04-28 08:36:28 ET

I sent off my very first mortgage payment today. The excitement and novelty of having a mortgage made it a joyous and proud experience, although I'm sure that will wear off quickly and I'll revert to the sobs of paying bills.

It's quite warm out today. Pretty soon they'll have cherries at all the street fruit vendors. When that happens, I'll eat about a pound of cherries every day. Mmm.


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