The Ironic Look
2003-04-27 19:47:09 ET

The ironic look is pretty big here in New York. Some indie-rocker with greasy long hair, a big truck driving hat, those vests that are all puffy, and the sunglasses. He looks like a truck driver, but ironically, he isn't.

The Ironic Look.
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Project Urbana
2003-04-27 08:30:31 ET

Based on completely origional code, I'm working on Project Urbana, based on the BME/subkultures style, it runs on PHP/MySQL on a dedicated Linux server.

Right now I've got the framework just about done (mostly involving the database). The basic journal and log-in system are completed, although I've got some more features to add to the journal.

I'm working today on the message board and journal comments engine. Both are very similar in basic code and structure design. Again, I'm taking all sorts of steps to reduce workload on the database engine, notoriously the bottleneck for highly active sites.

I'm making a message board which is going to be more prominent than I think exists on either BME or subkultures. I used to run a fairly active message board, and it can be a great jump-off point for the other features and for beta testing (which I'm not ready for).

2003-04-25 06:03:12 ET

Today's comic: Occupied.

It's tough juggling the demands for many booty calls, for not even I can violate the laws of time and space.

You'll note the Jesus Jones poster. One really is above my bed, further reinforcing my assertion that women shouldn't really even be talking to me, let alone calling me for booty calls.

Two Sluts
2003-04-23 19:32:42 ET

This is what happens when two sluts hook up at a bar. Oh, the joys of not being able to bring a girl home because of hooking up with another girl the night before and forgeting to clean up the mess.

Indirect Approach
2003-04-20 21:21:34 ET

Here's a tip for all you ladies. Don't tell a guy what you want to do to him, tell him what you'd like to do. Men have the need to feel like they're the pursuer when we're starting a physical... thing. We're used to chasing, so when a girl throws herself on us, we often don't know how to react. We think there's a catch, or perhaps something wrong. It's not terribly sexy, but when you leave a door open such as "I love to suck cock", then we enjoy pursuing.

So I give you Monday's comic.
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