The Everlasting Nob Slopper
2003-05-15 07:14:55 ET

The Everlasting Nob Slopper*.

* Nob = vagina

You women know who you are. You treat them rough; you use them often. As a result, they break frequently and thus require frequent replacements. I wish to invent: The Everlasting Nob Slopper.

Urban Image Engine
2003-05-13 12:21:38 ET

Well the image engine is complete. It now loads and generates thumbs for any JPG, PNG, or GIF file submitted. It uses mostly the GD libraries, as they're easier to work with. In the case of GIF files, which GD will read but not manipulate, the image is converted into a PNG file by ImageMagick and manipulated by GD from there.

I've also go the gallery viewing engine done. Now I just have to tie up uploads with the gallery database, and I'm set.

Not Meant To Be
2003-05-11 17:56:29 ET

It's a shame when it just Isn't Meant To Be.

You find a cool person, you're attracted to them, but then you find out they're a top and your a bottom, or vice versa, or some other combo that just doesn't want to work out. Too bad.

Happy Non-Mother's Day
2003-05-10 12:09:26 ET

Happy Non-Mother's Day

Happy Non-Mother's Day! Okay, I said the holiday was on Friday, but I think it's better on Saturday. Especially for all you man-sluts like me who have quite a few girls to call up.

Anyway, Non-Mother's Day is celebrated every year the day before Mother's Day. It's the day I give thanks for not having ever made a woman a mother. If you're blessed with child, then I have nothing but joy for you. However, for those of us that are happy child-free, today is our day to shine.

So guys, call up your lady friends -- lovers past and present -- and tell them how much you appreciate not being a daddy.

Ladies, come Father's Day, I expect that same.

Kitty Heaven
2003-05-07 21:40:04 ET

When two (or more) girls make sweet lesbian fuck, a kitty get's into heaven. It's true!

Kitty Heaven.
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